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Cancer Screening


Currently there are 3 types of Cancer Screening, these are; Bowel Screening, Breast Screening and Cervical Screening. 


If you are still unsure on whether to go to your screening please continue to look at our page for further information on each of the 3 Screenings.



If you are between the ages of 60 - 74 you will be invited every 2 years for Bowel Cancer Screening. The Test Kit is used to detect tiny amounts of blood in faeces and will determine if you need any further tests. If you are over 74 and wish to continue being tested every 2 years you are able to request a Test Kit by ringing the helpline on 08007076060. 

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Women are invited for Breast Screening between then ages on 50 and 70. During the Screening a Mammography is performed, which will take 6 minutes. They also offer sensitising visits for women with disabilities so they are able to familiarise themselves with the staff, equipment and the unit itself, upon recieving the letter for your appointment contact them to arrange this specific visit. 

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Cervical Screening checks for HPV and any Cerivcal Cell Changes. If you are between the ages of 25 - 54 you are invited every 3 years, and 50 - 64 invited every 5 years. If you have recently given birth and are due your Cervical Screening you need to wait 3 months after birth until you can be Screened. If you have a Cervix you can have a screening, therefore if you are transgender and have a cervix this is something you will need to consider. 

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